Scanners detect trading signals

Scanner search in real-time for financial instruments which meet a set of criteria defined by the trader. The NanoTrader simply allows the trader to convert his basic watch list into a powerful scanner.

A unique scanner

The trader can ...

-      scan an unlimited number of instruments in real-time.

-      easily define his criteria and insert them in the quoteboard which thus becomes a scanner.

-      scan for different criteria within the same quoteboard.

-      scan the same instrument with different sets of criteria.

-      attach different alert types (e-mail, sound, pop-up) to the scans.

-      place his orders directly from the scan.


The scanner is a great tool to identify trading opportunities in real-time. If the trader does not want to use his own scan criteria, he can use the numerous signals and strategies which are available for free in the NanoTrader. These are only a few examples ...

Example: candlestick patterns

Traders can either define their own candlestick patterns in the NanoTrader or use the pre-configured candlestick patterns. In this example the NanoTrader has alerted the trader of 4 stocks which display a candlestick pattern.

Stock scanner using candlestick patterns.

Example: trading strategies

The NanoTrader contains more than 60 free trading strategies and signals many designed by famous traders. In this example the trader is using some of the built-in strategies to find trading opportunities.

Trading scanner using NanoTrader trading strategies and signals.

From scan signal to order in 1 click

Traders can place their order directly from the scanner table.

Placing orders directly in the real-time scanner.

Good or bad?

Even if the trader does not open a position based on the last signal, the NanoTrader will simulate a position. This useful feature allows the trader to gauge the quality of a signal.

Some traders will not open a position when a signal appears but only later, when it appears that a signal/position evolves in the right direction. This is another advantage of the simulated positions.

A famous trend scanner

The NanoTrader quoteboard function can be used as a normal “watch list” or can be easily upgraded to a real-time market scanner. In addition to the making their own scanners, traders can use the free built-in scanners, including the NanoTrader’s famous trend scanner.

Download a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader Full

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