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An interview with trader John Bollinger

Trader John Bollinger shares what he learned trading over the years.

An interesting and detailed interview with trading legend John Bollinger. The article also lists all strategies and tools from Bollinger, which are available in the NanoTrader trading platform.   More...

The Supres Sniper

The SupRes Sniper provides an answer to these three questions... (1) How to correctly identify support and resistance? (2) Which are the most important support and resistance levels? (3) How to trade successfully on the basis of support and resistance lines.   More...

Scalping trading ranges with the Sniper

This well-illustrated article covers key topics for traders. Detecting and trading in a trading range and a trend. The author uses the new Sniper.   More...

Scalping the DAX or the DOW?

This good article investigates whether it is better to trade the DAX or the DOW using the popular D&D Scalping strategy. Well-illustrated and with a convincing back-test the author puts the DAX and the DOW side-by-side and analyzes from many different angles, which index is the for scalpers and traders.    More...

A powerful free scalping strategy

If you have ever considered scalping, visit this new section on our website. It is definitely recommended reading.

A profitable scalping strategy?


Measure volatility perfectly and use it in your trading strategy

How to measure and use volatility is explained in this practial section. A good trading strategy is explained step-by-step. It is definitely a topic you can and should master.

Technical analyse volatility


New article: How you can trade the Nasdaq

This new article offers an innovative trading strategy for futures and CFDs on the Nasdaq market index. The trader shows how to identify the relevant trend. He also adapts one of his favourite trading strategies, Black Candles, to the Nasdaq index.

Nasdaq trading.



How you can trade the volatility of crude oil

This concise and precise article creates and implements a crude oil trading strategy. Very few traders know the concept of longlife stops and targets. They are high calibre and worth knowing. So reading this article is recommended for this reason alone.Crude oil futures and CFD.

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New article: Trading market volatility with the VSTOXX future

Market volatility is on the up. The VSTOXX future quoted on the Eurex exchange is an excellent proxy for market volatility. In this article the VSTOXX future, volatility and a volatility-based trading strategy are explained and illustrated.


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New article: finding and trading volatile stocks.

This article shows ready-to-use stock screeners. The screeners search for volatility and a clear trend. Two trading strategies are suggested to trade volatile stocks.

Stock screeners.

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New section: 3x unique strategy

The Black Candles is easy to use. It contains 3 unique features such as a channel based on Heikn Ashi, colourless candles and a profit target, which adapts itself to the market. The more potential, the more profit.

Trading strategy Black Candles.

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New article: Build a trading strategy using the Parabolic SAR

This article explains how to build and test a trading strategy using one of the most versatile 'indicators' available.

Parabolic SAR traders.

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New section: automated trading strategy

The Parabolic Combo strategy is a complete strategy suitable for automated day trading. Available for free in the NanoTrader trading platform.

Automated trading, Parabolic Combo.

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New section: Legendary trader Jesse Livermore

Trader Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore is a trading legend. The way he analysed market movements, is still in use today.

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New section: Trading from the chart

Trading from the chart

With the "Charttrader" tool in the NanoTrader platform, the trader can trade directly from the chart. This feature is particularly popular with futures traders or with traders who like simplify things and want to enter and exit the market with a single click.

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NanoTrader novelties 2019

An overview of all major tools, services and strategies, which were added to the NanoTrader in 2019.

NanoTrader new

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Chart pattern Red-White-Red

This article aims to show a chart pattern and a technique on how to trade with this pattern. This technique can be extended in many ways and combined with other patterns and entry ideas.

Chart pattern red-White-Red

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The D&D Range Bar Scalping strategy

Another FREE trading strategy has been added to the NanoTrader trading platform. D&D stands for DAX and DOW. The most interesting aspect of the D&D Range Bar Scalping is its evident ability to also find trading opportunities even when markets are NOT volatile.

Dax and Dow scalping strategy.

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Measure a market move in percent tool

A tool to measure the size of a market movement. The size of the movement is indicated in percent (%). Connect any two points in a chart and the tool will give the move in percent.

A market move in percent.

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The Traders Dynamic Index indicator

The Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) indicator is used in trend following strategies. This indicator has it all: momentum, trend and volatility in one single precise signal. Note: Client proposals are usually quickly integrated in the NanoTrader. All clients can subsequently use the proposals for FREE.

Traders Dynamic Index TDI

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