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Gold price market effect easy to trade

Graphical display of the Gold Dumper Trading Strategy

Profit from a recurring weakness in the gold price with the Gold Dumper Trading-Strategy and thus make the most of this market effect. Read more...

Use simple and universal trend indicator

graphic display of the Fibonacci trend indicator

An easy-to-use trend indicator, universally applicable to all instruments and all time levels, is available. Read about the Fibonacci Moving Average Trend Indicator. More...

Trade Curtis Faith's trend following trading-strategy

graphic display of the channel breakout trading strategy

Trend trading can be one of the most profitable trading strategies for short and long term traders. Read about a sufficient way of trading the ATR Channel Breakout trading-strategy. Mehr...

Do you trade the January Effect?

Calendar with writing "January".

Information about the phenomenon of the January Effect and a discussion about the impact on the stock market. More...

Trading natural gas

Natural Gas traders information.

Everything you need to know about natural gas and natural gas trading. More...

An analysis of the 'buy on the dip' strategy

Buy the dip

When is buying the dip a good idea? More...

A trading signal designed by Dr. Alexander Elder

The Elder Ray Index explained.

A new trading signal is available. The signal was developed by mega trader Dr Alexander Elder. The Elder Ray Index Trading Signal consists of two main indicators: Bull Power and Bear Power. Dr. Elder's trading signal is available for FREE in the popular NanoTrader.   More...

New look and feel NanoTrader

Free demo NanoTrader: the best trading platform?

The design of the NanoTrader has been completely updated. The icons, colours and all other design elements of this fantastic trading platform have been drastically refreshed. No less than four colour versions are now available: Night View, Classic Blue, Silver and White.

An outstanding trend indicator

TRI made by Jack Weinberg

The TRI indicator is simple and efficient at the same time.   More...

What you need to know about the change to the DAX 40 index

DAX changes to 40 stocks.

The DAX 30 will soon be admitting ten more companies in a move that will affect the industry makeup, weighting potential and the regulatory practices of Germany’s flagship stock index. Here’s more on the move from DAX 30 to DAX 40.   More...

Everything you need to know before trading oil stocks

Trading crude oil futures and CFDs

Oil stocks represent listed companies involved in the exploration, drilling, refining and sale of oil. Examples of major oil stocks are Shell, BP and ExxonMobil, whose price fluctuations provide a useful insight into the supply and demand forces impacting the commodity.   More...

A quick overview of Palantir stock

Trade Palantir or not.

Everything you need to know about Palantir stock before buying or selling.


Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

An article, wich looks into an easy, fair and safe solution to buy Bitcoin and 15 other cryptocurrencies.


The COT Report Signal – A profitable futures trading strategy

In this article we present a strategy based on the Commitment of Traders (COT) report data. The author, together with his business partner, was able to grow his account from 14,000 to 300,000 US dollars within four years.

Futures trading commitment of traders


How to trade the FXStreet forex forecast

The question is simple: let's say today's price is 100 and by the end of the week we forecast a price of 110, what is the best way to trade this expected move? There is no best way to trade a forecast. There are different ways. This article explores them all. 

FXSTreet provides a weekly forecast for forex pairs. Here we explain how to trade forecasts.


Black magic no more – The CoT report explained

Free insider information on the positions of major market participants such as hedge funds, banks and industrial groups? The CoT Report makes it possible! See where the smart money is flowing

The Cot Report for Dummies, not.



Free demo

Test NanoTrader Full  I  Test Tradingview  I  Test the mobile platforms  All for CFD-Forex & Futures

Safe & easy crypto trading

Trade cryptocurrencies against EUR or USD on a bank account in a AAA country.

Trading videos

Charting, strategies, automated trading, backtesting, playback... watch these videos and become a platform master.

Managed account

Great results and highly recommended: the Investui service


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The spectacular SignalRadar

SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies.

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