Famous traders and their zigzag

Traders use a zigzag to visualise the trend and to define buy/sell zones. NanoTrader contains several free zigzag drawing tools designed by famous traders.

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Zigzag drawing tool as used by famous trader Erdal Cene.

Trading a market range break-out

A sideways market will break out, but in which direction? The NanoTrader allows the trader to be ready for a break-out whatever the direction.

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Is my trading strategy a winner?

Not every trading idea is a winner. The NanoTrader contains an exceptional backtesting module allowing traders to identify and improve winners.

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Backtesting a trading strategy with NanoTrader

Trades à la carte

The free TechScan present traders with stocks, forex pairs and indices which can be traded today. Over 100 criteria are analysed.

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TechScan: free screener and scanner for stocks, forex and market indices.

Integrated trading strategies

Traders can use all the integrated trading strategies. The strategies are complete and free, They can be used as they are or they can be modified.

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The NanoTrader platform includes many free, complete trading strategies, often designed by famous traders.

Learn how to trade

Two of the numerous learn how to trade tools in the NanoTrader. Playback gets you quickly up the learning curve. Recording lets you re-trade the day.

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Tools for novice and advanced traders to learn how to trade more efficiently.

The trend is your friend

Draw your trendline or -channel and instruct the NanoTrader to use it as your stop loss level.

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Trading strategy: MAD Rebound

One of the rare trading strategies which performs well in a market which is moving up and down within a trading range.

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Trading strategy for markets moving up and down in a limited trading range.

The NanoTrader Free and Full trading platforms

Extensive yet easy to use.

Traders can use the Heikin Ashi Histogram to fine tune trading signals. The tool... + details

The Volume Viewer makes futures charts exciting. All executed order volume... + details

The inventor of the 1-2-3-4 chart pattern is trader Jeff Cooper. It is one of the... + details

The observation of volume profiles and time price opportunities is part of the... + details

Strategies for daytrading and scalping all major US stocks are quite rare. The... + details

The Renko chart is a popular chart type used when you only want to show the price... + details

Trading strategies, which trade at a paticular point in time, oblige the trader... + details

Receive a daily free e-mail containing personalized signals based on technical... + details

René Wolfram has been a professional day trader and swing trader for over 18... + details

Starting in 2007 André Stagge worked for 10 years as a senior portfolio manager... + details

Traders need an overview of the combined opinion of all their technical... + details

Daytraders and scalpers use small chart aggregations. This almost microscopic... + details

The Bollinger Volatility Explosion indicator is a high quality tool for daily use... + details

Birger Schäfermeier started trading stocks when he was 14 years old. Today he is... + details

Wim Lievens has more than 20 years of live trading experience. In his opinion... + details

Wieland Arlt is an active trader and trading coach/trainer. In 2014 his first... + details

What is the best time to trade? The HVH (Hourly Volatility Histogram) provides... + details

Carsten Umland studied business administration. He has been trading futures and... + details

Eric Lefort is a French daytrader and author. He focuses on important support and... + details

Market prices are unpredictable… but there is one exception. Noble prize winner... + details

RRR stands for Return/Risk Ratio. This ratio divides the potential profit by the... + details

Using state of the art technology the free SignalRadar shows live trades being... + details

SignalRadar shows live trades being done by a... + details

The experiences of other traders, be they famous or not, are always of interest... + details

“Markttechnik” is one of the most popular trading techniques in Germany. Michael... + details

Chart patterns are of interest to traders who use technical analysis. NanoTrader... + details

The NanoTrader contains a trend screener called "All Today’s Trends". The... + details

The Periods High-Low stop is an excellent stop. Not many trading platforms can... + details

Draw your trendline or -channel and instruct NanoTrader to use it as a stop loss... + details

Over 60 FREE ready-to-use trading strategies are integrated in the NanoTrader... + details

Every trader wonders if particular candlesticks patterns are ‘winners’. In order... + details

Intelligent trailing targets are a new way of taking profits. Intelligent targets... + details

The TradeWizard is by far the quickest and easiest way to place an order and at... + details

A market moving sideways will break out at one point in time. The trader does not... + details

The Gap Close trading strategy focuses on price gaps which can occur between a... + details

In theory drawing Fibonacci levels is simple. In practice it is not that simple.... + details

The ABCD tool is an easy-to-use tool which takes the complexity out of drawing... + details

Many well-known traders apply some form of zigzag as part of their trading... + details

When you automate a trading strategy, it is wise to have a safety net. The... + details

Time filters allow traders to accept or reject trading signals depending on when... + details

Many passionate traders, both professional and private, use the NanoTrader... + details

LiveStatistics allows investors to define an event based on different parameters... + details

TechScan is a technical analysis tool. It is seamlessly integrated in the... + details

The fear index shows the way. The VIX Reversal strategy was developed by trader... + details

The NanoTrader’s compound symbol editor is a unique analytical tool. It allows... + details

Who said moving averages are no good? This strategy proofs the reverse. MAD... + details

Books, websites and magazines often contain detailed description of trading... + details

The NanoTrader offers numerous possibilities to place orders in one click. These... + details

The market heatmap allows the trader to determine three percentage bands for the... + details

The question is simple: if today the market price is, say, 100 and the forecast... + details

Every time frame is possible in NanoTrader. Traders are not limited to a fixed... + details

The NanoTrader platform allows the trader to place stop orders in other units... + details

The NanoTrader is without equal when it comes to handling multiple stops and... + details

Three line break charts are popular with traders. The charts indicate the start... + details

Twin Charts allow traders to analyse a market in multiple time frames. The Twin... + details

Recording and Playback are different but related functions. Recording allows... + details

Scanner search in real-time for financial instruments which meet a set of... + details

The back testing functionality allows traders to quickly and easily test their... + details

Both NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full offers hedging of CFD and forex... + details

Platform demo

Try a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader Free  (CFD, forex) or the NanoTrader Full (CFD, forex, futures & stocks).

Trading library

Download free e-books and reports from the trading library (Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, English).

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Charting, strategies, automated trading, backtesting, playback... watch these videos and become a platform master.

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The spectacular SignalRadar

SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies.

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