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Orders based on time

Trading strategies, which trade at a paticular point in time, oblige the trader to be present behind his trading platform at that point in time to place his orders. By adding a time parameter to an order NanoTrader elegantly solves this major inconvenience. Most trading platforms are simply not capable of handling time-based orders.

The advantages of time-based orders:

  • Orders are placed at a time of your choice.
  • Orders are cancelled at a time of your choice.
  • No need to sit behind your trading platform waiting to place your orders.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free.

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Market, stop and limit orders with the time parameter "Good After Time" are activated at a particular point in time chosen by the trader. Until then they are held in an inactive state. Once the activation time is reached, the order will be submitted to the exchange.

For example a market order with an activation time of 13:30 will be released and executed exactly at this time.

An order placed at a particular point in time.

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Market, stop and limit orders with the time parameter "Good Between" are activated and afterwards cancelled at the times chosen by the trader. Prior their activation time they are held in an inactive state. Once the activation time is reached, the order will be submitted to the exchange. Orders, which are still working at the configured expiration time, will be cancelled.

Good between orders.

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In the case of CFD-Forex orders these orders have the status 'WaitTriggerTime' and are kept in local memory only. Once the activation is reached, NanoTrader sends them to the trade server and the trade server forwards them to the exchange. Orders having  the status 'WaitTriggerTime' will be cancelled when NanoTrader is closed. A pop-up informs the trader, giving him the choice to abort the closing of the platform.

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